About me

My name is Annelies Houwen, I was born in 1978 and raised in West Flanders. Our Biga farm is located in Kortemark. BIGA Coffee is also located here, which I founded in 2017 to introduce people to the most exclusive coffee blends.

After my studies, I started my career as a stewardess. But flying back and forth got me crazy about coffee. Each country has its own tastes, traditions, plantations and favourite coffee-making methods. After 5 years, this adventure came to an end. I switched over to sales and marketing, a sector I still think back on with pleasure. But I just couldn’t get that cup of java out of my head…

Fascination for coffee

I‘ve always liked coffee, but I wanted to know more about the entire process. Shortly after our marriage, my husband encouraged me to take the leap and completely dive into the world of coffee. How do you make a good and tasty cup of coffee? Why is one so much better than the other? And what about those different types of beans? I quickly became deeply intrigued and decided to get trained by SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe), a globally recognized association in the field of coffee. I followed the training and exams on Green Beans, Roasting, Barista, and many others. I was completely immersed in the subject. The passion with which people worldwide work with this product is, in my view, almost unparalleled!! RESPECT!

In 2016 I started with private label coffee. We made coffee blends for the hospitality industry and companies under their own names and labels.


That’s how I ended up visiting a small coffee roasting company. The owner immediately gave me a passionate tour, along with an extensive explanation about the roasting process. Then we arrived at the roaster and the freshly roasted coffees: a moment that I won’t soon forget. The palette of scents and aromas coming from the roasters was intense, tasty and surprising. Aromas of chocolate and vanilla penetrated my nose, along red fruit and pepper. This overwhelming impression just wouldn’t let go. That’s the moment my fascination for coffee roasting was born.

Coffee specialist

Then everything came together: my passion for coffee, my affinity and respect for the sector, my studies and entrepreneurship. The result in 2017 was the founding of Biga Coffee, with the goal to introduce people to the most exclusive coffees. Biga Coffee works together with a partner who is directly involved in the coffee production process and who has direct contact with the coffee farmers. This is the only way to control the entire production process, the quality of the coffee, and the financial payment to the farmers who give the best of themselves day in and day out to provide us with this delicious black gold.

The Biga Hoeve is an extension of Biga Coffee. Here you can discover and learn everything about coffee. There are workshops to experience, and so much more. You can even stay in our B & B and enjoy different coffees from around the world. A coffee weekend not to be forgotten, I promise you.