Biga Coffee

Four unique coffee blends

By mixing (blending) different types of coffee, we can highlight the best characteristics of each coffee. Mixing coffees creates new, unique coffee flavours. This is how we developed four unique blends, each with its own character and properties.

Brussels Blend

A beautiful blend for a broad audience

Our Brussels blend is a typical Belgian full-bodied and robust coffee. With some slight acidity and subtle hints of soft fruit and dark chocolate. A wonderful blend of coffees from Colombia and Central America, supplemented with coffee from Sumatra (Indonesia) for extra weight and zing. 100% Arabica

Bag & Tin can
250gr ground coffee & 250gr beans

London Blend

Mild blend with hints of chocolate and caramel.

ur London blend combines coffee beans from Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia. It’s a nice soft blend, low in acidity, with notes of chocolate milk. 100% Arabica

Bag & Tin can
250gr ground coffee & 250gr beans

Milano Blend

Beautiful chocolate tones with a bright freshness

This espresso-roasted Milano blend offers an exciting, complex taste. It combines beautiful round toasted chocolate nuances with clear freshness and delicate, fruity aromas. This 100% Arabica blend is made from beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia.

Bag & Tin can
250gr ground coffee & 250gr beans

Paris Blend

A nice, powerful coffee

Our Paris blend is a beautiful and powerful coffee. It features a balanced mix of caramel, chocolate, fruit and freshness. The stimulating and scented aroma gives this full-bodied blend a delicious aftertaste. This 100% Arabica blend combines beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama and Indonesia.

Bag & Tin can
250gr ground coffee & 250gr beans

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About me

My name is Annelies Houwen, I was born in 1978 and raised in West Flanders. Our Biga farm is located in Kortemark. BIGA Coffee is also located here, which I founded in 2017 to introduce people to the most exclusive coffee blends.

After my studies, I started my career as a stewardess. But flying back and forth got me crazy about coffee. Each country has its own tastes, traditions, plantations and favourite coffee-making methods. After 5 years, this adventure came to an end. I switched over to sales and marketing, a sector I still think back on with pleasure. But I just couldn’t get that cup of java out of my head…