Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

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Plantations where the Chaîne Belgium Blend  coffee comes from:

Colombia Supremo: he comes from Pitalito, in the south of the province of Huila in Colombia. We buy it in five fincas and in an association, including Los Alpes.

Brasil Cerrado: he comes from the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. We buy it from large cooperatives and it is almost impossible to bring it back to a single plantation.

Costa Rica Tarazzu: it comes directly from the producers of Coop Libertad. It is located in Santa Marie de Dota, about 70 km south of the Costa Rican capital, San Jose. The district of Tarazzu is known worldwide for its high quality coffee. Dota is the tallest and most remote township in this district, known for producing the best coffee. The grains grow at an altitude of 1900 meters, in ideal conditions of sunshine and humidity. The production process takes place according to the wet method. After the necessary handwork, the coffee rests in its ‘perganimo’: the parchment that surrounds the coffee bean.

Costa Rica Tarazzu ‘Libertad’ is a silky and lively coffee with aromas of berries, roasted nuts and dark chocolate. The finish is fresh and slightly sweet.

He obtained 87 points in the SCA rating system and is therefore a specialty coffees.



Production method: wet process | Type of variety: 100% Caturra | Grain size: 17/18 screen | Altitude: 1800 meters | Flowering period: April – June | Harvest period: June – February | Roasting: medium

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